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Is it available for residential multi-tenant buildings?


Is the RMP transferable to a new owner?


How much does RMP cost?

The price for a RMP is dependent on the roof’s condition, number of squares, and the quantity and nature of roof-mounted equipment and foot traffic.

How do you start a RMP?

How is a RMP different from a warranty or guarantee?

Roofing industry standard guarantees kicks in once a leak occurs. RMP prevents leaks before they occur. RMP also addresses roof details normally excluded from warranties, such as blocked drains, pitch pans, ponding areas and top of parapet walls.

How does a RMP work?

It works much the same as, for instance, a mechanical maintenance contract does for air conditioning. For a set annual fee, we will take the necessary steps for maintaining your roof in a watertight, functional condition. Through annual, semi-annual, or quarterly inspections and repairs as needed, your investment is protected and the roof’s life span is increased. Reports are provided to keep you informed of conditions which may affect the roof.

What roofs are eligible?

The program is available for new or existing roofs.

What is a RMP?

A Roof Maintenance Program consisting of professional roof care, scheduled roof inspections, maintenance, repairs and information.