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Flat Roofs

Low sloped or “flat” roofs are usually associated with commercial properties but are also found on residential homes as well. There are many different factors to consider when decided which low sloped roofing system to install on your building. Some of the determining factors are the amount of foot traffic that will be on your roof from time-to-time, is there adequate slope on your roof, what decking material is on your building, or if you are looking for an energy effecient roofing system are just a few. Contact us at Lydick-Hooks Roofing and we will be glad to go over the pros and cons of each roofing system with you to help you decide which route to go. This is a very important decision because, if done properly, this roofing system will be in use for 20 plus years on your commercial property. 

Below are some links to photos of a few different low sloped roof solutions 

Asphalt built-up roof 
Modified Bitumen