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Single-Ply Membrane Roofing Systems, or more commonly known as TPO roofing systems, are popular because of its white color and corresponding reflective properties.

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Modified Bitumen

Modified Bitumen (MB) roofing is an asphalt-based, close cousin of the Built-up-Roof (BUR) designed for buildings with low-slope or “flat” roof structures. Engineered modified bitumen roofing membranes have been used successfully in the United States and Canada since approximately 1975.

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Built-Up Roofing System

Built up roofs has long been the standard in low sloped roofing applications. The simplistic layer design gives this unique membrane outstanding water and weathering resistance. According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, BUR Membranes have been used in the U.S. roofing industry for more than 100 years. Generally known as “tar and gravel” roofs, BUR membranes have been a time-tested and trusted choice for simple flat-roofing.

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Tile & Slate

Along with the great looks of a tile or slate roof, the amount of years of service you will get from this application is better than almost anything on the market with some individuals receiving over 50 years of water tightness from a proper applied system.

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Hill Country Standing Seam Metal Panel

Hill Country Standing Seam Metal Roofing is one of the few roofing materials that enhance the appearance of a wide variety of architectural styles. From elegant formal homes to rustic hunting lodges to light commercial buildings, Standing Seam Metal Roofs are the designers’ choice of two-thirds of the Texas Society of Architects Award Winning structures for the last five years.

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The name Lydick-Hooks Roofing Company stands for quality in all type of roofing applications.

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