Tile & Slate

There are many different types and styles of clay tile and slate. If you are considering building a new home and are considering installing one of these elegant roofing systems, we have hundreds of pictures and samples of tile and slate from previous jobs we have performed in this area for you to look at. This type or roofing system can add a gorgeous accent to any style of house being built. Along with the great looks of a tile or slate roof, the amount of years of service you will get from this application is better than almost anything on the market with some individuals receiving over 50 years of water tightness from a proper applied system. The application of these materials is very important and should only be trusted to a company with many years of experience.

If you already have tile or slate installed on your property, and are beginning to experience water leaks, a re-lay of the tile or slate might be what you need. The benefit of natural slate or clay tile is that when re-roofing is required, the existing material is reused for your new roof covering. A re-lay of the material includes the removal of the existing tile or slate, applying new underlayment to your roof along with all new flashings, and then the re-laying of the existing tile or slate. As with all roofing systems, maintenance is very important in order to allow you to get the most life out of your roof.