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Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance Program:

You don’t buy a new car and never change the oil, do you? You must have periodic oil changes and checkups on your car to ensure it performs properly. A roofing system requires the same care and attention.  A roof maintenance plan is an “oil change” for your roof. Roof maintenance and inspection programs make good business sense for property owners and facility managers. 

Many roof systems are managed in a reactive manner, as leaks are repaired after damage has occurred to the roof or the interior of the building. The main goals of a properly installed roofing system are to keep the building water tight and to perform for the maximum number of years possible. Regular roof preventative maintenance helps accomplish both of these goals. 

Even though a manufacturer’s warranty may have been purchased with your new roof, most roofing materials manufacturers require regular maintenance to keep their roof warranties valid. This means the building owner continues to be responsible for the proper roof care and maintenance to insure its top performance. 

Consider the following misconceptions:

A roof just sits there, nothing can happen to it

While a roof does “just sit there”, there are many forces acting upon it giving it a very dynamic nature. For example: the sun’s ultraviolet rays are breaking it down, the oppressive North Texas heat is causing the roof to expand followed by cold winters causing it to contract. These forces cause minor defects, which compound if ignored, causing major roof problems.

I’m covered – I have a roofing warranty

A roofing warranty is a manufacturer’s assurance that a roof will last a specified time period under normal conditions with periodic maintenance. A common misconception is that long-term warranties are all-inclusive insurance policies designed to cover any roofing problem, regardless of the cause or circumstance.

Actually, roof warranties may not cover common leaks and may be considered void if proper maintenance is not performed.

My maintenance person can take care of it

Current roofing systems are complex and innovative using rubbers, plastics, modified asphalts and other synthetic materials. Maintenance people are not trained to understand the complexity of modern roofing systems. They may do more harm than good by using incompatible materials; and an improper repair also risks voiding your manufacturer’s warranty.

An “in-house” repair may cost an owner in three ways:

  1. The repair did not work and actually compounded the problem.
  2. The maintenance person repaired it using the wrong materials and voided the manufacturer’s warranty.
  3. The “repair” has to be undone then fixed properly.

Isn’t a roof maintenance program expensive?

You have a lot invested in your roof system – it is one of the major “assets” of your building. Major roof manufacturers agree that nothing is more critical to your roof’s long-term cost performance than establishing a program of regular inspections and proper maintenance. That’s why they require it in their warranties. Also, failure to perform and document regular roof maintenance can be the basis of your insurance carrier denying any payment even on a legitimate claim – say in the event of hurricane damage. We can protect your roof system for as little as 1% of its replacement value annually (depending your roof’s age and complexity). Contact us today for a free estimate – and safeguard your investment


The roofing Industry Alliance for Progress conducted a study in 2003. Over a 15 year period, roof maintenance costs were around $0.14 per square foot for buildings with a proactive roof maintenance plan. Maintenance costs increase to $0.25 per square foot when a roof maintenance program is not in place. They also determined that the average life cycle of a low sloped roofing system was 17 years. More specifically, they determined that building owners that protected their roofing assets with a roofing maintenance plan were rewarded with an average roof life of 21 years. Conversely, the average lifespan was only 13 years for the building owners and facility managers who choose to maintain their roofs in a reactive manner, without roofing maintenance.


Average Maintenance Costs

Average Lifespan

Roofs without Preventative Roof Maintenance

$0.25 per square foot

13 years

Roofs with Preventative Roof Maintenance

$0.14 per square foot

21 years

Whats Included?

Included in your Preventative Roof Maintenance Package is a total inspection of your current roofing system when inspection in scheduled, including:

Standing Water from clogged drain
After Cleaning & Maintenance